Second Helpings


The Evening Enigma Marathon, Milton Keynes.

On 17th August 2010 at 4pm I returned to Milton Keynes for the second time in 24 days, to complete the Evening Enigma Marathon. My fourth marathon this year.

Last time it was a lovely sunny day 22 degrees, perfect for sitting outside a canal side pub for a drink but a bit too hot from marathon running. This time it didn’t start any better with the sun beaming and a very similar temperature. But by the time I was running the second half the sun was getting lower in the sky and the shadows longer, the temperature became slightly cooler so it wasn’t too bad.

It’s a lovely trail marathon, run around a lake and out and back along the grand union canal. It was a very low key event with 20 competitors and no course marshals (I had to remember the course from last month) and take my own water as the only drinks station was water left at the side of the canal at the 14 mile turn round point.

I was pleased with my time of 3 hours 40 minutes 11 seconds. I came in second position, my highest ever finishing position in a marathon.


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