Sweet Sixteen at the Robin Hood Marathon!


I think I will give the stats for the race first before I do the race review.

Robin Hood Marathon 12th September 2010.

Finishing time 3 hours 33 minutes 23 seconds
6th marathon of the year
26th marathon in total
First time with a negative split. First half 1 hour 52 mins, second half 1 hour 41 mins.
I ran 14 miles the previous day, giving me a total of 40.2 miles in 2 days a new record for me.
First time in fancy dress!

It was a cool sunny morning with a light breeze. It got a bit warm as the race progressed but with plenty of water stations and tree cover in the parks it didn’t seem to get too hot. My car registered 17.5 degrees when I returned to it.

David Bayley alias Foxy was doing his 100th marathon and had a theme for the day of Britney Spears and “Hit me baby one more time”. He encouraged a few of us to dress in school uniform like in the Britney video. Well I was game, I found my old school tie, got a £5 shirt from Asda and a school skirt from M&S. The skirt was size 16 years and I still had to adjust the waist in a little bit! How flattering for an old running vet.

I never thought I would ever be getting into a 16 year olds girls skirt!
Blimey that sounds bad but you know what I mean!

There were 4 of us in fancy dress, Foxy, me, another Dave and his wife Mel. We set off all together and went at a very conservative 9 minute mile pace as Foxy had run his 99th marathon only yesterday and was feeling tired.

At 6 miles Dave decided he wanted to push on and then at 7 miles I did the same. I moved my pace up to 7:30 to 8 minute miling. I didn’t know how I would go after running 14 miles only yesterday and with wearing fancy dress but my pace lasted up to about 25 miles before I started finding it tough going. Running the day before didn’t seem to have any affect on me.

The fancy dress gave me only one problem. I hadn’t realised the support that running shorts gave to a man’s wedding tackle. Well without them I got some awful chafing between my legs. This started at 8 miles and really concerned me at first but I managed to get “things” in a position that was bearable and I continued on.

The School girl costume was a fantastic success. It created laughter from all ages and from both the spectators and runners alike. I had young children saying to their parents look at that man in a skirt. I had old ladies commenting on my nice tie. I had men saying I looked nice and lots of giggles especially from groups of girls and ladies. It made the run real fun in a way I had never experienced before. One runner Daren (Fetchie alias DeeGee) who I ran with for a while commented that I was very popular with the crowd. I would more than like to do it again.

I think this is one of the best marathons I have ever done. You run past the castle, through several parks, along a river and it is really well organised. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to do either a big city half marathon or full marathon.

I’ve had great fun today!

The photos above are of me with Rob Bishop, courtesy of his wife Lesley. Thanks guys and nice to see you again.

Below, clash of the Spartans and the school kids. No contest we had the water pistol!


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