Double Trouble


Double Trouble

A fun title but only half true, yes I’ve completed my first double marathon but no there wasn’t really any trouble, thank goodness!

I’ve been very excited and nerves about attempting my first double. After the fun of fancy dress at Nottingham this double weekend felt very different and quite serious. I was very focused on being organised and taking the running very steady so I would complete the two events. If I couldn’t do this then to try and do 10 in 10 days would be very questionable.

The weather both days was on my side cool, dry, only a light breeze and some pleasant sun.

Day 1 – Saturday 25th September 2010, Great Langdale Marathon

Anyhow I got up to Great Langdale with plenty of time to spare on the Saturday. I had promised to ring Yuk-Lam when I got there to report in but there wasn’t any phone signal. I didn’t see anyone I knew and felt quite lonely amongst all the runners around me. This wasn’t like me but I think the seriousness of the challenge was dawning on me.

The race started and we were off, I took it very conservatively. I bumped into fellow Fetchie Cumbrian Andy so ran with him for a while and had a chat. This was very welcoming after how I felt at the start. Andy was running a bit faster than me so I let him go. On the second lap at about 18 miles I noticed a face I recognised from Nottingham marathon it was Mike from the 100 club. He caught me up and we had a nice chat but again he was stronger than me and he moved ahead.

I continued on at a good steady pace not finding the langdale hills to be a problem then at 20 miles caught and passed Cumbrian Andy, sorry Andy! I then could see Mike ahead and on the last big down hill flew passed him. Mike caught me up again on the flat. We ran together for a mile or so but I realised I was on for a course PB and Mike encouraged me to go for it, so I did. I came into the finish in 3 hours 48 mins and 2 secs. Would I pay for this fast finish tomorrow?

Day 2 – Sunday 26th September 2010, Anglesey Marathon

Saturday evening the whole family made their way to stay in Anglesey.  We got up Sunday morning, my l legs weren’t sore but didn’t feel fresh either. I kept stretching them as I got ready round the house. Time seemed to fly and it was soon time to leave for the marathon. It felt very strange getting ready at the start of the Anglesey marathon knowing I had only run a marathon lest than 24 hours ago. It made me feel special inside and very excited. It was also nice to have Yuk-Lam, Abbey and Lucas along for support. I was wondering if anyone else here was also running a double.

I only just got to the start in time after having to queue for the toilet. In fact I was in last place at the start, I’ve never been in that position before! I stopped just after crossing the start line so Yuk-Lam could take my photo. I really wasn’t bothered about my time as today’s marathon was all about how I would cope after running yesterday.

My legs definitely didn’t feel fresh but were fine for running so I settled down to a comfortable steady pace. We hadn’t gone more than a couple of miles and I recognised a lady in front wearing an orange Camelbak hydration pack. I had only seen it just yesterday! I couldn’t believe some one else was doubling up the same two marathons. I had to say hello. I introduced myself and she told me her name, Katie. I had to ask what made her want to run 2 marathons in 2 days? Katie told me she was preparing for the Marathon de Sables next April. I stayed with her for about 8 miles then wished her well and moved on a bit faster.

I didn’t really meet anyone else for the rest of the race. The legs were OK but for the second half of the race felt heavy and hard to lift as high as I would normally. I had forgotten how hilly this course actually was. Mile 24 is a relentless up hill climb, not steep but no let up what so ever. I walked for a couple of short spells and ate a few Jelly Babies. Mile 25 was some down hill and some flat which I ran OK. The last mile back to the Mona Show ground was again up hill but I dug in and ran all the way to the finish. It was nice to be greeted by Yuk-Lam and the kids. Time today 3 hours 54 mins 26 secs.

Two medals in two days.

One happy Malcy.

Job done!


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