Perfect “Malcy” Motion


I left Leicester after having had a fine marathon run. The CD player in my car was playing Sunscreem’s “Perfect Motion” an Old Skhool Classic and a favourite of mind. It was complete coincidence that this track came on after such a good run and seem to sum up the whole run and my feelings all PERFECTLY.

I had gone to Leicester wondering, could I run a faster marathon and dip under 3 hours 30 mins? With the right weather and if the course was relatively flat I believed it was possible. Well the weather was close to perfect and I was to find out that the course was pretty flat. There is a slight incline coming into the finish, as you run through the pedestrian shopping centre and up to Victoria Park and the finish.

Thanks to a kind lady in the park taking my photo.

It was a marathon of 2 halves.

The first half was cool, cloudy with a slight breeze. I ran with a thermal short sleeved top under my T-shirt, gloves and a cap. This was the right gear and I got me to the half way spot in just over 1 hour 46 mins.  This was just outside my planned time.

Almost immediately after passing 13 miles the sun came out and the temperature almost instantly rose by about 5 degrees. The cap and gloves got shoved into my shorts and I removed my thermal and ran the rest of the race with it in my hands. I managed to keep cool enough and sustain a slightly increased pace all the way to the end, giving me a negative split and just dipping under my planned 3 and a half hours. I was really pleased.

I thought the course was very well marshalled and pretty good for someone after a PB. It had a nice mix of sights. The start in finish at Victoria Park was very nice. The route took you north and out of the city through some lovely countryside. There was a couple of very picturesque villages before returning to the city thought a lovely park with a very pleasant river. We also passed the National Space Centre with its egg shape semi-transparent building. I could almost see a rocket inside.

The event had a very similar feel to Robin Hood but on a slightly smaller scale. I would do it again and recommend it.


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