A Soaking in Snowdonia… Again!


I think the title sums up the race.

Twice in two years I’ve finished this marathon like a drowned rat.

In the Electric Mountain visitors centre it says it rains there 6 months a year. I don’t want to put you off going it is a lovely place and it is dry half the time! Anyhow needless to say I was expecting rain this year. At least it wasn’t as windy this time but we did enjoy a spot of hail instead. The area and the course have some lovely scenery even in the rain.

I liked the new course this year. The start was in walking distance of the centre of Lanberis instead of having to get a bus. It was also much nicer to have the finish in the main street of the town with lots of spectators and a really good atmosphere.

I was very pleased with my run this year. It went to plan with an easy start up the Lanberis pass and a very strong finish up the hill from 22 to 24 miles and fast back down the hill into the finish in Lanberis. I had roughly equal splits which on such a hilly course I think is fabulous, even though I say so myself (got to try and boost my own confidence).

My finishing time was 3 hours 45 mins and 22 secs.

This race is a bit of a mile stone for me, 10th marathon in one year and 30th in total.

I was using this run as an experiment with gels and energy bars. I wanted to try taking on food during a race. I’m hoping this will help me recover quicker from a marathon thus helping with the 10 marathons in 10 days challenge. As well as the obvious benefit of giving you energy during the run, it seems that the taking on of food and gels while running also helps curb a loss of appetite at the end of a race. This allows you to eat sooner and therefore recover quicker. The experiment worked, I felt better than usual at the end and was hungry sooner. I think I will try this again with energy bars at my next race.

It was nice to meet a couple of the marathon regulars, so a quick “Hi” to Heather MacKay, Rob Bishop and Mike Grehan.

Thanks to my Dad for keeping me company at the beginning of the race. It was great to see my Mum, Yuk-Lam, Abbey and Lucas at the finish especially in the rain, it was lovely and completely unexpected.

This is a hilly marathon where you will never get a PB, unless it is your first. But I would recommend it for its fantastic scenery and excellent organisation. I hope to be able to return again next year.


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