Rutland Water Marathon 7th November 2010


It took a very early 5am start and a 270 mile round journey to get me to Rutland Water which is on the far side of Leicester for a 9am race start. I don’t mind an early start, in fact personally I prefer it. It means I’m then running in the morning and finished in time for a late lunch as apposed to finishing mid afternoon and having the race mucking up my normal eating habits.

I had been looking forward to this race as I enjoy running round Pennington Flash and imagined Rutland Water to be a larger version. I wasn’t disappointed the scenery round the lake was stunning with a wonderful array of autumn colour. The course was more undulating than I expected. No big hills but lots of little ups and downs.

I was hoping to get under three and a half hours but didn’t quite manage it. The undulations got to me over the last few miles and I slipped to a finishing time of 3 hours 31 minutes 46 seconds. My half way time was approximately 1 hour 44 mins.

For the first time ever I ran a marathon wearing a belt with a pocket and carried 2 gels and an energy bar. I noshed on them over the second half of the race. I do think they help me recover and regain my appetite quicker post race. So I will continue with these experiments over my next few races.


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