12 in 12


I had set my heart on completing 12 marathons in 2010. It hadn’t been my plan at the beginning of the year, especially after only completing 2 marathons in the first 6 months. This personal change had grown as the year has progressed.

The last one was to be Luton on the 5th December. I was completely gutted when I heard 2 days before the race that the organisers had cancelled it due to the severe cold weather.

Was I going have the chance of completing my challenge dashed at the last hurdle by circumstances outside my control? Well for 24 hours that seem the case until I heard that my friend Mr Baley was quickly putting together the Christmas Enigma Marathon in Milton Keynes to fulfil the needs of us crazed marathon runners to take place on the day Luton had been planned.

So it is still game on!


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