Strepsils and Lucozade


Above are some of this years finishers and next years entrants of Bathay’s 10 in 10 at the start of the Christmas Enigma Mararthon.

Sometimes do you think that the world is against you?
I wanted to do 12 marathons this year then the last one gets cancelled.
I find a last minute replacement and then come down with a cold and a sore throat.

I wasn’t going to be beaten and drove down to Milton Keynes anyway to do the Christmas Enigma Marathon, which consisted of 7 laps of a lake.

The weather was better than of late, calm with no snow but still very cold only getting up to 3 degrees.

Things were still not going to well for me with a cold and a sore throat so race preparation consisted of Strepsils and Lucosade!

During the race I didn’t have my usual levels of energy, probably due to the cold and sore throat. I ended up running a fairly slow time of 3 hours 56 minutes and 33secs. I came in 10th place out of 34 runners.
I’m not at all bothered about the time it was just good to complete a dozen marathons in one year.

I’m looking forward to completing even more next year.

I wonder how many I will manage?


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