Spen runs a Half Marathon


For a change this blog post isn’t about me. Maybe I should have wrote this sooner but this is really the first chance I’ve had. My friend Spen who is a long standing friend and was my best man a few years ago, well a bit more than a few but we will say no more. Spen kindly helped marshal during my Gin Pit Marathon weekend.

He is no serious runner, more of a mountain biker but give him his due he regularly goes to the gym and does a regular bit of running. Anyhow day 1 of the Gin Pit Marathon he insisted on running the second half of the course, which I think is twice as far as he has ever run before. I must admit I tried to talk him out of it, concerned it might just be a bit much compaired to what he is used to.

I didn’t manage to change his mind. He ran the second half of the course finishing in a time of 1 hour and 59 minutes. All I can say is very well done Spen. You proved me wrong, I’m impressed. Another example that with the right mind set much is possible.


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