So how was it for me?


I think the simple answer was fairly hard work but well worth it and I really enjoyed the day.

I was trying to create a low key, friendly relaxed event.
I wanted it to attract locals that wanted to run a local marathon and more seasoned marathon runners from further a field.
I wanted to help promote marathon running locally and especially so my friends and fellow running club members could sample and experience this kind of event.

The event attracted runners from A7T RR, Leigh Harriers, Radciffe AC & Horwich RMI as well as 3 members from the 100 Marathon Club so from this angle the race managed what I sort to achieve.

There were 21 runners who all finished and only one runner got slightly lost. Nothing went wrong so I believe it was a success.

My own run went very well, a nice steady pace that didn’t even slow over the last few miles. I ran most of the race with an old school friend, Shane and marathon master Gary, who were both great company.

After my race was finished, I showered at the Gin Pit grabbed a bit to eat and helped finishing the time keeping. A fairly long task but I had the pleasant company of Barry, Liz and Ria so it was by no means a chore.

All in all a very good day. All I’ve got to consider is if and when I should do it all over again.

Guess who’s legs these are?


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