Robin Hood 2011, Yuk-Lam Went & She Conquered!


The BIG news today was not the tenth anniversary of 9/11 or the goings on in Libya but after months of training Yuk-Lam completed her first half marathon. Yuk-lam had been preparing all year for this one event. There had been periods of good training and she had even managed the distance once in training but through the summer injury had struck in one of her calves and things for a time had been very uncertain. Yuk-Lam came romping through the finish line in 2 hours 19 minutes and 40 seconds after what she describes as a good steady paced run. I also need to congratulate her partner in crime Phil (her sister’s boy friend) they took up the same challenge together last Christmas. It was Phil’s second time at the distance having already completed the Great North Run a few years ago. Well done to Phil, coming in with a PB of 2 hours 32 minutes 54 seconds. Our friend John also finished the half in 1 hour 39 minutes and 42 seconds.

Lucas . . . ade

As for me, it was another steady first half, in fact first 3 quarters. The only thing on my mind was “oh dear, this first half is much more hilly than I remembered” and I was wondering how Yuk-Lam & Phil were coping. I was bracing myself for a good telling off at the finish for not warning them about how hilly the course actually was, ooops! The race changed for me at 20.5 miles we turned around the bottom of the infamous boating lake straight into the wind and I encountered my hardest flat mile ever into an evil head wind. There was hardly any let up from the wind for the rest of the race so it was dig in and grind out the last 6 miles. Great to see TiT’s Jon, Chris & Foxy and meet Tit to be Paul aka “Fozzy”. Thanks to John, the LERCer for keeping me company for the first half and Panos from mile 14 to 20. Sorry I couldn’t keep with you round the boating lake Panos but well done on your time. Nice to see Chris City (Fetchie) and for his company on his bike round the blustery lake.

As usual the race was fantastically well organised and I hope to be back next year.

In the build up for race day we spent the weekend in Nottingham. Han Ket & Phil stayed with us in the Holiday Inn Express while John, Lisa, Amelia and Regan stayed in another nearby hotel. We spent Saturday in front of Nottingham castle where the kids played with acorns. Later we went to the town square where there was an interesting set of fountains. Our kids and many others enjoyed the water in the warm sunshine. A meal at Ask Ask rounded off a nice day before the race.


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