The World’s Toughest Road Marathon


This is not my description of the Great Langdale marathon but the organiser’s claim. I have now completed 57 marathons and haven’t come across a road marathon that can in any way question this claim. My Garmin read 2737 feet of climb.

After completing this race for the third time on 24th September, I no longer feel intimidated by the course but it is one that has to be seriously respected.  My official time was 3 hours 48 minutes and 6 seconds. A mere 4 seconds down on last year. I suppose you could be impressed with the consistency or maybe say I’m slowing and need to get some training done. The weather this year was pretty horrid. It was a good running temperature and fairly still but rained most of the race.

This year Yuk-Lam, Abbey & Lucas came up for the weekend. I was pleased and relieved that they were able to find shelter & keep themselves occupied in the pub at the finish while I ran in the rain.The 10in10 reunion meal was planned for the evening of the same day which meant fellow TiT’s were at the race. It was great to see Howard, Foxy, Noel and Penny from this year and Chris, Jim and George who had previously completed it. There was also 2012 TiT to be Sally who put in a fantastic time of 3 hours 40 minutes. Sally you could make the 2012 10in10 very interesting watching next year. It was also great to see Michael from Dunstable Running Club. We had a hard battle over the last few miles last year. Sorry to beat you again, Michael your turn will come.

As for my race, it was fairly uneventful with a steady pace similar to last year but I did seem to find the hills a bit more difficult. I think I have spent a lot of time this year concentrating on miles and less on hill work which made the difference. I’ve got Snowdonia coming up so I think a bit of hill work is in order.

The evening of the race was the 10in10 reunion dinner at the Langdale Chase Hotel near Ambleside. What a lovely place, as I walked through the main entrance into the first reception room. I was blown away by the fantastic ornate wooden paneled walls and banister. I had a wonderful night with friends and only wished Yuk-Lam could have shared it with me instead of having to look after the kids. Maybe next year will be a little different.


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