Fat Feet’s Rutland Water Marathon


It was time to return to one of my favourite marathons from last year. Rutland water is a reservoir east of Leicester set in beautiful countryside. Last year the weather had been perfect for running, cool, calm and sunny. This time we were fortunate enough to be blessed with more of the very same.

The sun was lovely lighting up the bright yellow and orange autumn leaves and with the green grass, blue water and sky, the place was full of colour and looked beautiful.

Rutland water is a funny shaped reservoir with a peninsular. The course goes round the reservoir with two laps on the peninsular. A lot of the course is on trails and is traffic free, making it an extremely pleasant run.

My run this year was fairly event free, an excellent steady pace with virtually equal splits. It was good to meet a few marathon friends including Rob, Kaz and for the first time Davy. My finishing time was 3 hours 36 mins 26 seconds. I think this is a race that will have to be on my short list for 2012.

Thank you Fat Feet!


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