Winter Broad Meadow Adventure 2011


Carriage Cafe

This was one of the most relaxed and friendly events I have ever done. In fact it was that laid back we could decide when we started and at the finish we had to give in our own time! I don’t know how many ran and have no idea of my position but it was a lovely event.

It started by Chris the organiser handing me my “race” number and 4 pages of directions at the Carriage Café. I was told where to start at a trail next to the car park and left to my own devices.

After only 1 mile I was already loosing a lot of time reading the directions and had already gone wrong. The directions were very good but the amount of information made it impossible to seriously run the course. I teamed up with 3 others and we helped each other round the route.

There is no way this event could have been called a race and during the run I kept trying to think of the right word to describe it. I came up with “Journey” & “Expedition” but after getting home I came up with the perfect word “Adventure”. I think I got to see all of Stratford in just one day. It is a lovely part of the country. We when through quaint villages with beautiful thatched cottages, along picturesque canal tow paths and even up a hill to a folly.

As if it mattered and today it didn’t, I finished in 4 hours 30 minutes and 41 seconds.

That’s 30 marathons for the year.

2 of the 4 pages of directions

Thank God it didn’t rain or we would having been trying to navigate while trying to read papier mache!


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