Brathay 10in10 Training January 2013


For January I had planned to complete a 100 mile week, 3 marathons and 250 miles for the month. Due to snow, 2 of the marathons were cancelled, Anglesey coastal and Gloucester. I was gutted as they were both the same weekend, which doesn’t happen that often and are a good tough training double. I still got to run the Windermere marathon at the Brathay 10in10 training weekend, which I comfortably completed in 3:29 so very pleased with that. At the beginning of the month I managed a 100 mile week, I like to do this every so often as I think it replicates the 10in10 by getting me used to running long distances every day and when I’m tired from the previous day’s running.

At the end of January we had a big dollop of snow and as a family we did the customary sledging on the local hill. Pushing the children down the hill on the sledge caused me to pull my right hamstring.

I’ve been to Maria at Stansfield Sports Injury Clinic who I know and treated me when I did the Brathay 10 marathons in 10 days in 2011. Her treatment seems to be helping and I’ve experienced something now with her suction cups!

It’s now 2 weeks since and it seems a lot better, I just hope it does come back to effect future training or even worse the 10in10 in May.

Summary, I didn’t hit all my targets for the month, seldom do I but generally I’m happy with the mileage base and my build up over the previous months. Training wise, I’m on course, February and March are very important high mileage months and I’m hoping to run 250 miles each month, before I taper in April.


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