Found a new flash


Even after running round this area for nearly 20 years I still every so often find a track I haven’t ventured down before and occassionally I find an unexpected beauty spot. This morning was one of those days. A cool but beautifully sunny morning run through Hindley when I stumbled across a path across a field into an area which I have since found out is called Ince Moss. I came across a beautiful flash, I have worked in the area for 20 years and had no idea it was there.

For those of you wondering what a flash is. They are small lakes formed by land subsidedance due to mining. With all the coal mining in the Wigan area there are alot of these flashes. I wonder if this one has a name? I will make enquires.

This is definately an area that is going to have me exploring in great detail over the coming months.


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