100 . . . 2 days to go


So it’s 2 days to go to my 100th marathon. I can’t stop thinking about this challenge that has gone on for years and is finally coming to an end. It will have taken me 16 years and 197 days to reach this goal. In the early years I thought running 100 marathons was simply a silly dream and would never ever happen. After completing my 22 marathon at Windermere in 2010 and gaining entry to the Brathay 10 marathons in 10 days challenge for 2011, it seemed vaguely possible. I ran 12 marathons in 2010 which I though was amazing. Then in 2011 I completed the 10 in 10, finishing day 10 on my 50th marathon. It had taken me over 14 years to get to this point but I was half way to 100 and now knew it was possible. I went on to finish 2011 with 30 marathons tallied up and thought I would never manage that again in my life time. 2012 proved me wrong I notched up another 31 marathons.

I’ve now completed my training for my 2nd 10in10 this May and I’m starting to taper for the event. Just one more marathon before it starts, Greater Manchester Marathon this Sunday and I have to keep pinching myself at the fact it will be my 100th!

Am I really this close to what was once just a ludicrous, impossible dream?

How do I feel? Very excited, I can’t stop thinking about it and the thought of being able to wear the very select and hard earned yellow and blue 100 marathon club vest. But there is another side to me that does want this challenge to end. Sometimes the excitement in life is the challenge itself and once completed life seems to have a void until another challenge is undertaken. I will still have the huge challenge of a 2nd 10in10 to contend with in only 2 weeks but however that goes (and I hope well) I suppose that too will soon be over. Will this give me a double deep void in my life?

Anyhow, I hope to have a good run on Sunday, savour the moment and enjoy the day (please don’t let it rain!) and then wait for the dust to settle, to see how I then feel and what will be next for me.  People keep asking me will this be the end of my marathon running? I hope not, it’s definitely not my plan.

I look forward to posting a picture of my 100 marathon club vest and medal on my blog for you all to see in the very near future. Until then above is a picture of my 6 medals from my previous Manchester marathons including my first ever marathon, Manchester on 13th October 1996. I hope you all have a very good weekend.

I’ll be thinking of my friend John when running this Sunday, who I would have loved to be running with me but due to a very poorly toe can’t, this one is for you John!


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