24 hours to Wolverhampton 2013


Well I have my running number for the Wolverhampton marathon tomorrow but I still also have my sore knee from my injury 4 weeks ago. Albeit the swelling has gone down and I have full movement of the joint again.

The BIG question is should I run tomorrow or continue to rest the knee?

For most people this would be a straight forward decision and I know the answer would be to rest for longer but a lot about what I have run has been beyond what is recommended by the “professionals”.

If I was in this position during the 10in10 then the answer would be without doubt, yes, the challenge has to be completed. But tomorrow has much less riding on it so I suppose not running has little consequence in the greater scheme of things.

I do have the challenge still in my mind to run 10 more marathons this year to reach a personal record of 32 for the year and a grand total of 125. Anyone that knows me knows I don’t like to not complete a challenge!

Another angle to look at this from is not run, get my knee totally right and then hopefully have a trouble free October where I have 4 more marathons booked.

I did run 8.5 miles on Thursday with no worsening of the injury so is 26.2 miles (3 times the distance) going to have the same little effect?

I’m finding it hard to make a clear decision but seriously finding it hard to just give up on running tomorrow. It is 2 laps so I would have the option to pull out at half way.

Need to make a decision!


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