1st Parkrun & 122nd Marathon


I might not be running at my best at the moment with my sore right knee but that isn’t stopping me having a weekend of running fun.

This weekend I didn’t have to take Lucas to play football on Saturday morning so I took the opportunity to run to Pennington Flash and completed my first ever Parkrun. I didn’t push the pace, just went to soak up the atmosphere of the event and find out how the whole thing operates. I really enjoyed it, there was such a friendly atmosphere and it was great to meet a handful of friends. As I ran both there and back and notched up over 9 miles it didn’t feel too short a run. I hope to get down again in the near future, maybe one day I’ll run my 100th. Just for the record my time was 22 minutes 37 seconds.

Sunday 3rd November and I returned for second helpings of the Crewe Deja Vue Track Marathon. That’s right a TRACK marathon, all 105 and a half laps of a 400 meter running track! Probably the most bonkers marathon ever! On the positive side it was perfectly flat and had a water station and toilets every 400 meters. If it wasn’t for the fabulous DJ Danny entertaining us through the torture then it could have been the most mentally destroying and mind numbingly boring race ever.


There was also a bit of fun at about the halfway point as the blow up finish arch ran out of puff and several men had to hold it up as we ran under for a handful of laps while it was fixed. Never seen that happen before!

I think it is my ability to enjoy running long distances and experience that helps me handle this kind of event. Even my Garmin couldn’t handle me running round in circles but I know I kept a very even pace throughout and recon I managed event splits. Not as fast as last year but I’ve done less training and it was windy so very pleased with 3 hours 24 minutes and 12 seconds.


My thanks go out the Sandbach Striders for putting on such a fun and ridiculous event. Also well done the Mike for not just completing his 100th marathon but also dressed as Queen Victoria in 3 hours 53 minutes which I believe is a world record for running as a “deceased monarch”.

That’s my track work done for another year!


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