Chester Metric Marathon



No not me but Mrs C!

I feel so proud of Yuk-Lam for training and running Chester Metric Marathon. I think the word “Proud” sometimes gets a bit over used but perfect to describe my feeling towards Yuk-Lam on this occasion. For those of you that don’t know what one of these is, it is a 26.2 kilometer race as opposed to the standard imperial 26.2 mile marathon distance. A metric marathon equates to 16.3 miles and is a good challenge for someone who has completed a half marathon, is looking for a new challenge but doesn’t feel ready to take on the full Marathon distance.

Weather conditions were good, calm, some sunny and mild. The run didn’t go entirely to plan for Yuk-Lam as she suffered with cramp during the latter stages but she dug in and finished the race in 3 hours 4 minutes. I know she would have dearly loved to get under 3 hours and I’m sure she is capable of this but finishing when things aren’t going your way is sometimes a greater achievement. It was her first time running this far and a first time always means a shiny PB. Well done darling!


I would also like to thank Sandra for kindly looking after Abbey and Lucas, allowing me to run the full marathon. The day was all about Yuk-lam’s challenge but it felt great to also be able to run. In a way we had run the same marathon for the first time.



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