Manchester comes to Crete



Today Manchester truly came to Crete, not just the Collins’s but also the rain. And very heavy rain at that! After having a lovely and mostly sunny day at the delightful seaside town of Agios Nikolios with its picturesque lake, we came back to our hotel, the Mediterraneo in Hersonissos where the clouds gathered and the rain made a very significant appearance. For most people on a holiday in Crete they might be disappointed and it definitely emptied the hotel pool but for me and Mrs C it was a perfect opportunity to go for a run together without melting in the strong hot sunshine.

We set out together along the coastal road for a mile before dropping down on to the front of a small bay lined with pretty well kept hotels facing out to sea. The rain was hammering down but it didn’t matter as it was pleasantly warm. It kept us both at a reasonable running temperature unlike most days when the Cretan sun had fried us. The roads here aren’t built for heavy down pours, they don’t have grids so were completely flooded and had turned into fast flowing rivers. In places they were bright red due to the colour of the Cretan soil. Along the beach it poured into the sea creating strange patches of red in the sea.

After 1.7 miles Mrs C left me to return back to the hotel and I ploughed on through the river roads. All the holiday makers were taking shelter in bars and restaurants. It was funny watching the tourists struggling in the rivers on their hired mopeds and quadbikes. One couple’s quadbike had broken down and they were struggling pushing it through the ankle deep water. I was in my element bounding along in the middle of the road splashing away. The locals were doing everything they could to remove the water, at one place they took the lid off a grid in the road to let the water run away faster and put a plastic chair over the top to stop any unsuspecting pedestrian from falling down it.

I wished I had taken my camera out with me. I could have captured some really unusual and fascinating images of the weather and it’s affects on the roads and the people but I don’t think it would have survived very long in all the heavy rain. Even so I didn’t actually have a choice as it had sadly run out of battery on me earlier in the day.

Three miles out and I decided to turn back for home, well back to my hotel. The sun started to come out and there was even a colourful rainbow to be had. For the last mile the rain completely stopped and quickly the temperatures started to rise once again, not that they had fallen that much. I started to heat up but luckily made it back before I over heated. One very unexpected but fascinating run.

Chersonisos-CreteA chapel in the village of Chersonisos, Crete


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