Shaken, Not Stirred


Bond-and-Money-PennyRace organisers Bond and Miss Money Penny

It might have been the usual 7 and a half laps around Caldecotte Lake in Milton Keynes which I have done a few times before but this time it was a celebration of one of my favourite film heroes, James Bond and with its fabulous medal I couldn’t resist entering. It was nice to bump into some friends and other 10in10ers before the start of the race.


After a recent injury to my left knee, it was also the “come back” event. I’d not done much training but was confident that I could still manage a reasonable performance. I hoped to get round at a sensible comfortable pace and dip under 3 hours 30 minutes.

The weather conditions were perfect cloudy, mild, calm with the occasional light rain. I set off as I intended, just under 8 minute miling and planned to keep it that way. At half way everything was going to plan. On I went into the second half of the race still comfortably keeping the same pace.

During lap 5, I felt like I had a stone in my shoe so I stopped at the end of lap, to remove, clean out and refit my shoe but I didn’t find a stone. Lap 6 and I started to slow, unable to keep under 8 minute miling. At the end of the lap, Kaz and Foxy started chatting to me about Amsterdam marathon but then I suddenly realised I was losing time and might not make the sub 3:30 I’d planned. Lap 7 was hard the legs were tired and didn’t want to go. The lack of running over the last 6 weeks was taking its toll. My sub 3:30 was looking shaky. It was my own fault, stopping at the end of laps 5 and 6.

I worked hard for the last couple of miles, narrowly dipping under the 3:30 with a finishing time of 3 hours 29 minutes 3 seconds to collect my fabulous James Bond medal. I was definitely both shaken and stirred that last lap!



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