Brathay 10in10 Day 8


During my very short preparation coming into this event I had wondered what average time I could produce. Last year it was just under 3:32 per day. I knew I wasn’t fit or focused enough to be there again but what was I capable of?

As I came into the event I was thinking I would probably end up with an average of around 3:40 and anything like this would make me more than happy. I did wish to go sub 3:30 on at least 1 day so made an effort to achieve this mini goal on day 1, which I managed. There was a second reason for this. It would set me up for decent times if I was fitter than I expected.

I kept the pressure on my times through days 2, 3 and 4 then pulled out another sub 3:30. Sadly this was too much for me to continue and fatigue made my times slip. Day 8 was another tough old day the calves were very tender and longing for a rest but I have been here before and have the strength of mind to keep them powering forward. All that said the best I could produce was less than a minute quicker than Day 7 with 3:55:49.  With days 7 & 8’s times my planned average of 3:40 was now looking doubtful.

I must thank Chris today for his company and support during the last few miles. I feel a bit guilty for beating him, it wasn’t my intention, I just felt strong enough over the last 2 miles and wanted to press on.

The pain behind my left knee seems to be subsiding which is good news but I now have a right calf which is becoming increasingly sore. I wonder how day 9 will pan out?

If you think all my effort is worthwhile please could you give a donation to the Brathay Trust to help them improve the lives of hundreds of disadvantaged young people from our inner cities and also to house near Lake Coniston which is also run by the Brathay Trust on behalf of Wigan Metro.


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