Brathay 10in10 Day 9


Early morning physio confirmed my right calf is my most major problem. So to compliment my sore left knee it was decided to Rock Tape the back of both legs as a precaution.

I took the first few miles to Hawkshead very slowly to allow my legs to loosen up properly. The weather was cloudy but very warm and muggy so I changed into a short sleeve thermal at the second drinks box.

At about mile 6 the heavens opened with very heavy rain. I was quickly soaked but still it was strangely mild. At mile 8 I did don a gilet to keep some of the water off. I was now nicely loosened up and pleased to be running well.

On into the third quarter of the route which is very hilly, lots of ups and downs, I was very pleased to see my legs holding up well through the tough terrain.

It was lovely to see my friends Phil and Gail out on the course in a couple of places and then Yuk-Lam, Abbey and Lucas handing me out some fudge in Bowness. At mile 21’s hill affectionately called Ice Cream Mountain due to the Ice cream van there were lots of past 10in10 friends to cheer me on. It was lovely lift seeing them all at such a late stage in day 9’s run.

Jonathan who had been following me for some miles courageously caught me up at mile 24. I was very surprised how he seemed to catch me up without me noticing. Anyhow I thought I would follow him for the rest of the run at his impressive pace. Also to my surprise with only a mile to go he started to walk. I decided that as I had moved up a gear to stay with Jonathan I would now continue at that pace until the finish. I wondered if he would catch my again. I powered up the drive and onto the Brathay’s lawn and the finish to clock in at 3:41:33. Maybe my average of 3:40ish will still happen?

If you think all my effort is worthwhile please could you give a donation to the Brathay Trust to help them improve the lives of hundreds of disadvantaged young people from our inner cities and also to house near Lake Coniston which is also run by the Brathay Trust on behalf of Wigan Metro.


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