Brathay 10in10 Day10, Lap of Honour



After doing exactly the same thing for nine days, running the same 26.2 mile course round Lake Windermere whilst trying to save some energy and prepare to do it all again the next day, day 10 is actually different. There is no need for us to save anything for the next day and I have a kind of care free attitude about the day. Day 10 is affectionately known as the “Lap of Honour”, after nine days there is no way a 10in10 runner isn’t going to complete this final day with close to 1000 other runners doing the one day and looking on.  It was a very special day with a very emotional start as we were led out on to Brathay Hall’s lawn to be cheered by hundreds of other runners before we start our final lap.

Many past 10in10ers have actually run their fastest day on day 10 which sounds ridiculous but with the excitement of day 10 and nothing to save for the next day it is very possible to do so.  This year I felt very tired from the nine previous days and I also knew I had no way of beating my time from last year. For these reasons I decided not to push the last day too hard, as saving a mere few minutes would not make much difference to my overall time nor my position. I simply wanted to enjoy my last day running round this beautiful scenic lake and soak up the atmosphere in the lovely sunshine. For once I’m not even going to mention my time apart from saying it was fairly average for me. The important thing was I had completed and in a strange way, enjoyed my 4th 10in10.

10in10 reunion on stage 2016

10in10ers reunite on the stage to celebrate this year’s 10th 10in10.

It was a shame my parents couldn’t be at the finish this year but my close family, many running  friends, my brilliant physios,, Eunice and Bruce and the fantastic support team spear headed by Aly, were all there to cheer me in. What a lovely moment as always.

I did have a set of goals when entering the 10in10 this year, as I always do. I have listed them below and whether I managed them…

To complete the event. Yes

To PB the event ( which I didn’t really expect to do). No

If not PB then aim for an average of about 3:40. Close, 3:42, good enough for me.

To keep all the days under 4 hours. Yes

Do at least 1 day under 3:30. Yes, managed 2 days.

Not to take any pains killers or other tablets. Yes

Not to use “Rock Tape”. No, used it last 3 days as a precaution as my calves were getting very tender. Maybe I could have done without but probably wasn’t worthy the risk so far into the event.

All in all most goals were completed and I even won day 5 so I’m really happy with how the event went for me overall.

On the fundraising side, my Gin Pit Double marathon raised £2000 for Brathay and with other donations and my JustGiving page I managed to raise over £5500 for Brathay which I’m so pleased about. I’m still accepting online donations so should you feel like it after reading this then please visit my JustGiving page and leave Brathay a donation to help them continue their work with disadvantaged young people and school children from around the North West who go to Low Bank Ground and Hinning House near lake Coniston.

Is four 10in10’s the end?

10in10 stick men

Thanks to past 10in10er’s Su and Paul for placing these home made sticks of us all out on the course for our amusement and to collect.



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