Lions Bridge Race Report 2016



This year the summer so far hasn’t been that great. Over recent weeks we have seen plenty of rain and not so much in the way of sunshine. Needless to say this has led to a very wet Lions Bridge course.

The intention of this race is to be a small, low key, friendly affair and race numbers aren’t an important factor for the race. All I hope is the runners that turn up have an enjoyable day and we are able to raise some money for the Brathay Trust. Even so to my surprise this year we had a record race entry with 50 doing the full marathon and 25 in the half marathon. Usually about a fifth of entrants don’t turn up on race day but another surprising statistic was only 3 marathon entries didn’t turn up on race day and all the half marathons entries attended.


In the build up to the race I wish to thank Yuk-Lam for her usual support getting all the necessary provisions ready and on the day before the race and my friend John for helping me battle through the mud to put up the 31 signs around the course.

After the recent weather I was relieved that race day was actually dry, well at least for most of the runners. Just a few of the last runners experienced an extremely heavy shower which also caught us by surprise at the race finish.


We must be getting used to holding these little events as I’m pleased to report the start all went to plan and the race was underway. I took my camera for the first 2 laps to take a few photos of the event and hopefully create some memories for the runners I managed to get snaps of. These are available to download from my Flickr site. The far side of the course was worst affected by the wet weather with some very muddy puddles and a few very large ones with no way to by-pass. In other words all the runners had no choice but to get wet and muddy feet. This made for hard going as each lap your trainers filled with water making your feet heavier and running more difficult. As the race progressed and more laps were completed the ground around the puddles got increasingly churned up and more slippy adding to the tough conditions.


First home in the half marathon was Tom Snape in 1 hour 28 minutes 16 seconds and for the ladies. Astley & Tyldesley’s very own Susan Fletcher in 1 Hour 47 minutes 20 seconds.

For the full marathon first home with an impressive time of 3 hours 11 minutes 20 seconds was Warren Langer Watts and for the ladies Helen Rutherford in 4 hours 24 minutes 16 seconds.

Virtually all the times this year seemed slower than in previous years and many comments from the runners was about how tiring the run was due to the muddy wet conditions under foot. The comments of many of the runners was still how they had actually enjoyed the testing muddy course, which was pleasant surprise for me to hear. Well done to all the finishers.

Lions Bridge 2016 7

I wish to thank all the helpers, especially the ladies team at the finish comprising of Yuk-Lam, Sandra and Finty who were supervised by Gary. Gary I hope to see you back running here next year. I also want to thank Abbey, Lucas, Eva, Millie, Oscar and Regan what a great youth team!

In previous years this event has made a bit over £500 for Brathay and I’m very pleased if we get anywhere in that area. Due to the extra entries this year I’m pleased to announce we made an impressive £1,175.36, far more than I ever imagined. Thanks to all who entered, without you all we wouldn’t have raised this much and thanks again to all the helpers, I know this event is my idea but I couldn’t do it without all the help.



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