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After completing the Brathay 10 marathons in 10 days challenge back in May most people would have expected me to have a well deserved rest. This wasn’t the case I quickly had my mind focused on my next challenge the Equinox 24 hour race. You can be forgiven for not knowing what this race is, as it isn’t well known to the average runner. It is a 10k course round the beautiful grounds of Belvoir castle in Leicestershire. The event starts at noon on Saturday 17th September and finishes 24 hours later at noon on the Sunday. The challenge of the event is to complete as many laps as possible over the 24 hour period. The challenge can be undertaken in teams and is a great team event but some runners like to do it “Solo” which is my challenge.


So for the summer I have been preparing myself for this completely new kind of running challenge. I’ve run; 36.5 miles in 6 hours, a marathon to the top of Snowdon and the tough hilly Trail Marathon Wales in the Snowdonia National Park. All these amongst a handful of more normal marathons. This is much more than most runners would do but I wonder if it is enough. Maybe I could have fitted in another ultra run but with less than 2 weeks to go before the event the work is done and all I can do now is taper my running before the event.


I have got myself a head torch for the night running but due to the light summer mornings and evenings I haven’t tested it. I hope to give it a test over the coming week so I have at least some limited experience before the night section of the race.

I have made a list of foods that I hope will give me the energy to keep me going over the 24 hours. I understand runners use about 100 calories per mile so I will be using around 600 per lap. I therefore need to eat a little each lap to replace this loss or I’ll run out of energy and struggle to keep going. Obviously I need to keep hydrated too.

My goal is to complete 100 miles which is 16 laps. Until now I’ve never run for more than 6 hours, so this will take me far outside my comfort zone and a long way into the unknown, making it a very new and serious endurance challenge for me. I wonder how my body will cope and how far I’ll manage to run? Anything could happen!


Once again I want to use my challenge to raise money for the Brathay Trust who are a small, little known charity based at Brathay Hall near Ambleside in the Lake District. They work with disadvantaged young people who are struggling in society through drink, drugs, gangs or criminal activity. They show these young people how to make the most out of their lives by steering them away for crime and onto paths to gain steady employment. They do this by working with these young people both in their local communities and on courses at Brathay Hall. Brathay Hall is a magical setting that brings the best out of people and has a lasting impact on all that attend.


The Brathay Trust also run two outward bound centres for Wigan Council called Low Bank Ground and Hinning House, where hundreds of school children for the North West visit each year to broaden their experiences.

I hope you appreciate how significant this challenge is and find the heart to once again give me a donation to Brathay to help them touch the lives of as many disadvantaged young people as possible.

If you wish to donate online please use the following link:-





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