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On Wednesday evening, completely out of the blue I got an email inviting me to BBC Greater Manchester Radio to speak with Andy Crane on the Saturday Morning Breakfast show to talk about the Brathay 10 in10 and the ASICS Windermere Marathon. I put my nerves to one side and replied saying I would do the interview. I would be going on my own but wouldn’t be completely alone as the plan was for Sir Christopher Ball, founder of the Brathay 10in10 to be also interviewed at the same time over the telephone. I always like to promote Brathay’s work and their Marathon events and the thought of getting to see inside the BBC at Media City sounded very exciting but at the same time I felt very nervous.

The plan was for me to be at Media City for 8:25am to go on air at 8:40am. I got there in plenty of time, I didn’t dare be late, stressed and flustered before being broadcasted across the whole of Greater Manchester. I was led to a couched area in the huge open plan, very modern and impressive BBC building, where I was introduced to Diane Modahl who was also on the same program with Andy Crane. Sadly, I only got to chat with her very briefly before she was in the studio with Andy. I’d have loved to have had more time to speak with her a little longer.


The whole occasion was so out of the ordinary, it felt a bit surreal. It was so strange to be in the BBC amongst the celebrities at the radio station that usually I’m at the other end of, listing to in my car on the way to work during my weekday morning commutes. In fact, I’d been listening to the show on the way to Media City.

It came to the time for me to do my interview but at the last minute, Clare the program director decided to change the plan as the morning’s program time was running short so they decided to hold me back until after the show had finished at 9am to record the interview so it could be aired next Saturday 14th January at about 8:45am, which I suppose will be very timely as I’ll be up at Brathay Hall at the 10in10 training weekend.


At 9am the breakfast program finished and I was lead into the studio to meet Andy Crane and was shown to my seat, with headphones to wear and was directed as to which volume control to use. The studio was extremely modern in design with all the latest technology, as I suppose you would expect so, there was no sign of a vinyl record or CD anywhere in sight.

Sir Christopher Ball was on the phone and I could hear him clearly in my head phones and Andy Crane started the interview. I was so nervous in these impressive surroundings but Andy managed the interview very professionally, guiding myself and Sir Christopher Ball through his set of questions which were all done without any notes. He put me at ease and I think the whole thing seemed to go well. Andy looked pleased and thanked us for the interview. It was nice to get a photo with him in the studio as a souvenir of a very special day. Now all I’ve got to do is wait a week to hear it on GMR Radio next week or maybe as a pod cast. I hope anyone listening to it likes it and finds it interesting. Hopefully it will promote the public’s awareness of the Brathay Trust and the work it charity work with young people, the ASICS Windermere Marathon and the Brathay 10in10.


Looking back at the whole experience the broadcasting industry is such a strange environment. To me the interview on the Breakfast show is history but to the listening general public it hasn’t happened yet, until it is broadcast next Saturday how bizarre.


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