Why do I keep coming back?



This weekend at the Brathay 10in10 training weekend we weren’t allowed to run the whole course round the lake due to a road closure on the east side of the lake. I was initially really disappointed as I love running the course and it would have been a landmark 50th time. Oh well, it will now have to be on the 12th May. Consequently for the official weekend training run, it was decided we would all run down the west side of the lake and then back the way we had come. We all elected to do different length runs to suit our individual training. Having come down with a cold I decided 8 miles out and back would be enough. It turned out this was a push for me today. I ran out fine but half way back my body seemed to run out of energy. I’ve experienced this before when having a cold or other illness. The body is fighting the infection and doesn’t have the usual energy store for a long run. At 14 miles on a down-hill section I even found myself taking a little walk, I never do this! My body had run out of energy like a car running out of petrol.


All this would make you think I had a horrible day but far from it. While I was out there and not chasing a time or a distance I spent it instead enjoying the scenery. The early morning clouds and rain had quickly cleared away leaving a crisp, bright, gloriously sunny day. I had taken my camera with me and enjoyed hunting out a few beauty spots and taking pictures which I don’t normally have the time to do when racing round here during the 10in10 in May.


Even with all the leaves off the trees the Lake District is stunning and I remembered the reasons why I keep wanting to come back here year on year. There is so much more to this place than just the running challenge that makes me keep wanting to return.


In the end I did a terrible time with a few walks and sneezes thrown in but really enjoyed the morning, meeting some great runners who will be doing the challenge with me in May. I’m so looking forward to it again, supporting the other runners while helping raise the profile and more money for the Brathay trust.


The photos on this blog post I took today to share with you. Maybe it will inspire you come along and run the ASICS Windermere Marathon when I’ll be on day 10 on 21st May. Or if you are really inspired, enter the 10in10 for 2018. You never know next year you might be at the training weekend like I am now.



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