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In Grizedale Forrest 2015 wearing all 3 of my favourite bits of running kit and eating Swiss Roll!

This week I was sent a question from one of my Blog readers which was a bit different, the question was, “If you had to settle for 3 running gifts, which ones would make you happy?” It feels like a Christmas question but I suppose it is topical all the year round if you’re thinking about birthday presents. It has had me thinking for a few days before I could come up with a definitive top 3.

I’m not much of a reader so I quickly ruled out any books but I do realise many other runners would actually like a bit of topical reading to motivate them. I also ruled out the usual running tops, shorts and trainers as these are in a plentiful supply from all the main running brands and us runners always have a good selection of these stashed away in our draws and draped around the house.

So, bearing all this in mind I’ve gone for items that I would really miss if they were taken away from me and should anyone (family or friends) buy me more of them, then it would still put a smile on my face.

Before I announce third place, I’m going to mention the item that just missed out from the top three. This is the Helly Hansen stripe crew thermal top. Through the winter months the long sleeve version looks after me in the frosty weather during my long training runs. In the spring and autumn the short sleeve version hides under my running t-shirt and keeps the chills out.

In third place is the Ultimate Direction Running Vest. I’m not a runner who likes to carry much kit but at times I’ve competed in trail races with a compulsory kit list and this vest has allowed me to carry the necessary items to comply. I’ve also found it ideal for the more mundane tasks of running to and from work so I can carry my butties, mobile and keys. It’s a great fit, sung on my back, light and minimal.

Runner up in second place is my Gore running jacket, breathable and completely weather proof. An absolutely brilliant piece of quality clothing which keeps out the worst and wettest of the British weather. An expensive piece of kit but sometimes you get what you pay for and that’s the case here.

And the winner in first place are my Buffs or neck warmers (preferably colourful). I have lots of them. They are such a small, versatile and simple item of clothing but I find them so useful. They keep the wind out by sealing my jacket around my neck, my neck warm in the cold and the sun off in the summer. Then when I don’t need it during a run I can just rap it round my wrist and it’s out of the way and even becomes a sweat band.

So, there we have it my top three items which I would consider great gifts for runners whether for Christmas, birthdays or even Mother’s or Father’s days.


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