To Train or Not To Train, that is the Question? March 2017



I started this year in a good state, regularly running just short of 50 miles per week with about 2 or 3 marathons per month. Over the past 5 years this has been my regular level of running and is the perfect base for my Brathay 10 marathons in 10 days training for 2017. My plan through January, February and into the spring was to increase this training, including a schedule of 11 marathons before the 10in10 in May.

Sadly as I have increased my mileage I have picked up an injury. Over the last couple of years my left knee joint has been prone to getting sore and it is this that has flared up again. If I rest for a few days is starts to get better but once I start running again it returns. I suppose I need to rest it for longer but I also don’t want to stop running, training and completing the marathons I have entered. Over the last couple of weeks I have devised a strategy of resting during the week and only running at the weekend. This is allowing me to still complete the marathons I’ve entered, get in a long run and hopefully keep my endurance levels up. I’ve completed every marathon planned so far but each time for a couple of days afterwards the knee has got worse.

Sadly my weekly mileage is dropping instead of increasing like I had planned. At Wrexham marathon last weekend I would have normally comfortably dipped under 3:30 but only managed 3:37 showing my fitness is also not where it normally is. Maybe this is simply my pig headed stubborness and I should be resting more or is this the quality I have that keeps me doing what I do and keeps getting me round the Brathay 10 in 10 so many times? Everything seems to be blurring together and I’m finding it hard to form a clear plan for the coming couple of months.

Looking forward, I have a list of marathons I still want to complete before the 10in10 including my 10th London and the very special Boston, USA. I don’t want to miss any of these, either from a 10in10 training prospective or as individual races, I want to do them all. I suppose I’ll have to see just what I can manage but it looks like any sort of normal training plan is completely out of the window. I think all I can do is daily assess my way over the next two months and see what I can manage. All in all I feel a bit disappointed about things at the moment but hopefully after the Gin Pit double this weekend I can have a couple weeks of rest before Manchester marathon and with a bit of luck my knee will start to improve.

I love daffodils, to me they signify the end of winter and the start of spring. Here’s some to share with you, brighten up my Blog and help me feel more positive about the coming few months and 10in10.



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