Gin Pit Marathon 2017, my experience



From a personal point of view, I was so relieved the event went as planned especially with altering the course. The new course used the new path along the side of the Guided Busway and less public roads. It seemed to go down well with all the runners so looks like this will be the course for 2018.

Even though I organise the race, I do like running in the event myself and I actually find this very useful as it allows me to keep a close eye on the state of course, the signs, the runners and the marshals. Holding the event as well as running it makes the week leading up to the race and afterwards pretty tiring but I still relish the challenge.

As for my personal performance, it wasn’t where it usually is and where I would like to be but I have enough running experience now to know I can’t always be at the peak of fitness and injury free. I’ve had a few weeks with a sore left knee joint which is hindering my training and pace. When analysing my times, I do have to remember that I took time at virtually every check point to talk to the marshals and make sure everything concerning the race was going to plan. This must have cost me about 10 minutes each day so when I reflect on my times I need to factor this in and not beat myself up too much about slow times. I must admit I was particularly frustrated not to dip under 4 hours on the first day.


I did find it pleasing to be able to jump while running on day 2. I didn’t realise how high I got until I saw Terry’s photo afterwards, surprised myself!

I’m pleased my knee didn’t stop me completing both days and more importantly stop me doing all the things I needed to do hold the event, like running round the course on the Friday putting up all the signs. It’s now 3 days on and I’m pleased to say my knee seems to be still recovering which is a relief. I’ll give it a little test tonight with a short, easy run.

Completing both days has given me a mental boost as well as some good preparation for my forthcoming Brathay 10in10 in May.  I so want to complete the 10in10 for a fifth time and not have my knee get in the way. I think lots of people close to me think it is easy for me but it still takes me a huge amount of mental resolve to run 10 marathons in 10 days and it seriously makes my legs ache. Sometimes I think it is easier for the runners who haven’t done it before as they don’t know what to expect where as I know exactly what it is going to feel like.

The plan for the next 2 weeks is some light running to rest the knee before a nice mud free, flat road marathon in Manchester.



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