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I’ve now had several months of reduced training due to an ongoing problem with my left knee joint and this year’s Brathay 10 marathons in 10 days is looming ever closer with less than 2 weeks to go. Mrs C insisted I go and see Adam the Brathay 10in10 head physio to hopefully get a diagnosis and to assess whether I should take part in next weeks 10in10. The conclusion of Adam’s examination was I have mild damage to my medial ligament which is on the inside of my knee.

The ideal course of action for this type of injury would be about 4 weeks of rest with a bit of ice massage. With the impending 10 in 10, I don’t have that luxury unless I withdraw. Adam knows me well from both of us being involved in the 10in10 previously, he knows I have experience, a light frame, good running technique which might work in my favour to still make it possible for me to pull off a fifth 10in10 even whilst not fully fit. I am very positive about wanting to attempt this challenge again but under no illusion that the odds are going to be stacked against me more than in my previous completions of the event. Adam and I have agreed to take the event day by day and see how my injury reacts to running a marathon each day and how it responds to the daily treatment Adam and his team can provide to me. Both me and Mrs C are much happier to have a diagnosis for my injury and I’m happy that Adam is fully aware of my position before starting day 1 which gives us all a chance to make the best of this far from ideal situation.

So doctor Adam’s orders are no more running for me until day 1 and to ice and massage the knee in the evenings. Previously I have completed the event with very little use of physio tape but we have agreed to tape up my knee at the start of day 1 to support and protect the ligament as much as possible. This means I’ll have to shave my legs for the first time ever in my life (which I’m not looking forward to) so the physios can keep applying and removing the tape on probably a daily bases. Oh, the things I do for my sport and to help raise money for the Brathay Trust.

If nothing else it is going to make this year’s 10in10 more interesting and exciting, watching how I and in particularly my knee cope over the 10 days. I’ll keep blogging daily during the event so follow me on here and let’s see all together how I get on. It’s looking like I’ll not be as fast as before and it could be a bit more painful too. I might have done it 4 times before but this year is going to be a step into the unknown.

If you think my 10in10 challenge is daft enough, tough enough or just plain stupid enough then could I ask you donate a few pounds to the Brathay Trust and make my suffering worthwhile.


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