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Brathay 10in10 day 1 start 2016

Over the last year or so Fitbits and the like have become widely used by many people to count their daily steps in a bid to hold a healthier lifestyle. The usual daily goal is to achieve around 10,000 steps. Even in my small office it is a regular topic of conversation and there is a touch of healthy competitiveness amongst the staff to win the daily unofficial competition of the highest cumulative total.

All this got me thinking about how many steps I do normally in a marathon and then on to think how many in 10 marathons? I already wear a Garmin watch while running and have recently set it up to count my steps. This means I’ll find out how many I’ll be doing in my forthcoming Brathay 10 marathons in 10 days challenge, starting next Friday on the 12th May.


This has given me the idea of a fun and interesting fundraising competition.

“Who can get the closest guess to how many steps I’ll do during the Brathay 10 marathons in 10 days?”

Each guess is £5.00 or 3 guesses for £10.00.

The prize for the winner with the closest guess is a brand new Apple Ipad Mini 2 16gb. It goes without saying you are welcome to have as many guesses as you like. I’m putting up the Ipad so all the money from this competition will go to the Brathay Trust.

Below are the few rules I’ll be keeping to as my counting method:-

  1. The count each day won’t just be during the marathon but from when I put the watch on in the morning until I record the daily result in the evening on my blog.
  2. I will blog each evening and include that day’s total steps.
  3. If I have to pull out of the event then the count will stop at the end of that day. This means someone with a smaller count could still win over someone with a more mathematically and scientifically calculated 10 day forecast. Nothing is certain in this competition apart from the fact that someone WILL win the Ipad.
  4. Guesses can be made until the end of Day 1 when I blog my first result (Friday 12th May 2017).

You can either enter online below or give me £5 or £10 with your guess(es) and I’ll add you to my paper list of guesses.

Good luck and happy guessing!

Thanks for all who have made guesses.Entering this competition is now closed I’ll post on here each day my daily totals and announce the winner on Sunday 22nd May after the 10th marathon or before if I have to retire.

Steps completed

Day 1 – 51,340
Day 2 – 49,545
Day 3 – 45,044
Day 4 – 50,561

Total steps for the competition 196,490 and congratulation to the winner, Sandra Wade who will receive the Ipad.


Abbey presenting steps competition winner Sanda with the Ipad


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