Brathay 10in10 2017, Day 1



Well if a day could go wrong it was today and I can’t believe it is only day 1!

Going into the event I was concerned about my left knee with what seems to be a partially healed Medial ligament damage. This concern was completely overshadowed by other events.

The main issue today was something I’ve never had to contend with up here in the lakes and that’s hot weather. It was a lovely sunny morning but quickly got hot and humid. I had what would normally be plenty of water out on the course but even with an extra 2 bottles I wilted.


Up to 20 miles I kept a decent pace going, still conservative to protect my knee but then it quickly all went wrong. The 20 mile point is down in Bowness and is where our 10th yellow drinks box is kept. IT got to it but couldn’t find my drink and because of the hot weather really wanted it. I scoured the area and finally found it some distance in a garden. The Twix which I had attached to it with an elastic band had been got at by birds so no Twix for me. At least I had my drink but time had been wasted. I got going after this interruption only to be stopped almost immediately stopped by a coach blocking the road. I watched Kev and Claire disappear into the distance while I was stopped and mentally these events started to make me want to give up for the day. I as hot dehydrated and pretty fed up. Eventually I made it to Brathay Hall and the finish but in a noticeably poor time for me of 4 hours 17 minutes 56 seconds. Considering I was at half way in 1:55 this was a very poor last few miles.


The positives to take from today came from my physio session afterwards as my muscles were fine as they hadn’t worked too hard. The knee is a little more sore so it was iced and has been strapped up for the even to control any possible swelling.


I’m feeling ok this evening so hopefully a better day tomorrow. The weather forecast is cooler with some rain so hopefully my time will improve while I still being cautious of my knee.

I enjoyed a lovely short walk this morning in the woods, it was very pleasant in the cool early morning sunshine amongst the carpet of bluebells.



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