Brathay 10in10 2017, Day 2


Nice surprise to see the Collins family in Bowness.

I can’t believe how this event is going for me this year. Day 1 was bad and day 2 has been even slower!

During the first half I actually tried to run faster and just couldn’t keep my pace where I would expect it to be and got to half way in 2 hours, 5 minutes slower than yesterday. Whatever I did to run faster just didn’t work and most of my miles from 14 to 20 were over 9 minutes each. It then got even harder and I ended up doing a couple of 12 minute miles.

The question I kept asking myself all the way round why is this happening.

Is my drinking and food not right?

Is my injured knee affecting my running style?

Am I under the weather and not 100%?

After talking with head physio Adam we think the most likely conclusion is my sore knee is subconsciously making me run slower so I run less efficiently, I’m out longer, using more energy and water hence tiring me out more.

On the small positive side, the light rain seemed to enhance the lovely scent from the wild garlic which was especially strong around mile 11. I might be having an awful race but the scenery is still so very special.

Total steps to 49,545


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