Brathay 10in10 2017, Day 3

Day 3 Taping

Pre-race physio and taping by Vikash

After all the questions from the last 2 days marathons of which I didn’t have a clear answers as to the reason for my poor form, I didn’t know how today would pan out.

Before the start my sore knee seemed no worse so I thought I would try and run as normal as possible, ignore any pain and see how I went on. During the first half of the race I enjoyed my running so much more than the previous 2 days and my time improved with 1 hour 52 minutes at half way.

During the second half, I started to find it a bit tough especially in the warm sun but had the energy to keep running, unlike over the previous 2 days. From Bowness at mile 20, I did slow a bit but kept going fairly strongly. It was lovely to see my family at Bowness and at Ice Cream Mountain (mile21.5) and this gave me wonderful a boost. Sadly, they won’t be around tomorrow. I finally finished under 4 hours with 3 hours 55 minutes 43 seconds. Still a bit slower than I would normally expect for the effort I put in but very pleasing to be back to a more normal Malcy running style and pace.

I wonder what tomorrow will have to hold?

Can I keep at this pace going again?

I would like to still improve but obviously not pick up any injuries.

Total steps today 45,044


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