Northern Jumble Marathon – Slaithwaite

Northern Jumble Finish 2017

Me and Rexy…well at least our feet.

It’s 14th October and I completed the Northern Jumble marathon today. For the first time ever I forgot my running trainers! So I had to run in my 70’s style Nike fashion trainers with no grip which made for slip, slidey fun in the mud! Also I forgot to start my Garmin. Apart from that there were no other hiccups. You would think after running 260 marathons I would know what to do, or is it that I’m just becoming complaisant about my race preparation.

The course was along the Huddersfield narrow canal starting and finishing in Slaithwaite, which had that many locks I’m actually going to call the course hilly. At one end of the course I saw Lock E3 while at the other end was lock E41 so although I didn’t count every lock I think there were around 40 locks along this 12 mile stretch of the canal. At the top end of the canal we came to the course turn round point, we couldn’t have gone any further even if we wanted to as the canal went into a tunnel. There was a notice board with facts about the canal tunnel, it is the longest and deepest in England at 5000m long. As I ran by I thought to myself that an historical English fact like that should be in yards not meters.

Me and Gary

At the finish with Marshal Gary

I didn’t know how my unconventional trainers and feet would cope running so far on some fairly muddy terrain so I took the first half of the race very easily, getting to half way in 1 hour 58 minutes. I would like to thank Rexy for the company over the first half, sadly he wasn’t able to keep with me during the second half. There was some lovely autumn colours on the trees hanging over the canal and tow path which I enjoyed looking at while running. At places I wished I had had my camera with me. My feet seemed to be coping very well with the inferior shoes so I pushed on in the second half a little bit faster. I found it very enjoyable to be running without pushing myself and pleasant in the unusually warm sunny weather with the colourful autumnal scenery. I finally came to the finish where it was nice to meet my friend Gary who for a change was time keeping and not running. My finished time was 3 hour 49 minster 44 secs, with a negative split and an impressive 8th place, although there was only 48 runners in the marathon. Still I was pretty please considering the day’s footwear.

It was nice as always to do an “It’s Grim Up North Running” event, Diane and Cath with their helpers always put on such friendly, welcoming events. It was also lovely to catch up with many of my marathon running friends especially Rexy and Gary.

Note to self, be more prepared next time.


A pair of hard worked shoes and their reward.


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