Brathay 10in10 Training Weekend 2018


It’s January and once again time for the training weekend for this year’s Brathay 10 marathons in 10 days challenge, to be held from 11th to 20th May. For anyone reading this who don’t already know, yes I’ve entered again!

Bike on Training Weekend 2018

I suppose I had better first give you an update on my cartilage operation 5 weeks ago, on the 5th December. All the visual swelling in the knee has now gone and virtually all of my knee movement has returned. Occasionally if I twist my knee I still get a sharp pain but I can certainly do more movements without pain than before the operation. I’m under instruction from Maria, my physio, not to run yet and only do a set of five non-impact exercises including bike work which I’m proud to say I’ve been doing virtually every day. Last week I went back to see Rob, my surgeon, he’s a wonderful man, not just extremely knowledgeable but also very friendly and caring. He looked over my knee and had me doing a squat which he was pleased with. Generally he was very happy with my recovery so far. I was so pleased to hear this and left his consulting room drawing on some positivity for the first time in a year. All the signs are looking good for a full recovery but in the back of my mind I want to wait until I’ve fully recovered and have run some proper miles pain free, as only then will I know for sure the operation has been a complete success. And only then will I know I have a real opportunity to complete this year’s 10in10.

The Brathay 10in10 training weekend is not really about running training, this is already expected of all the entrants, it includes sessions on meeting the other runners and the support team, health and safety, logistics during the event, hydration and nutrition, sports therapy and support for the fundraising we have pledged to do for Brathay. The weekend is especially useful for the runners doing this challenge for the first time. As I’m already aware of most things from my previous times here, I try to offer some support to these new runners to the event.

Although the weekend isn’t about running training we do get the opportunity to run round the lake on the Saturday morning. For some it is a chance to see the course for the first time, for others it’s a training run and for the support team it is a chance for them to show the runners how they will support us during the event. It is also for the support team to get a first glimpse of what sort of paces we all run so in May they can tailor their support better.

Brathay Marathon Mile 6

Sadly this year I couldn’t join in with the running so instead I brought along my bike. I really enjoyed riding a lap of Lake Windermere on my bicycle. It made a refreshing change from running round it but I’ve got to admit I missed running. Even though it was a cold, cloudy day at least it was dry and still, with spectacular scenery in my eyes. I do so love this course and area of the world whatever the season. Everyone who comes here to Brathay Hall falls in love with the area and seems to be inspired. I love coming back and when I raise money for Brathay I believe it is giving disadvantaged young people also the opportunity to experience this very special place, inspiring them to make positive changes to their lives, help them strive for a better life and be the best they can be, leaving them with very special memories to treasure forever. I’m sure all the people I’ve met at Brathay Hall over the years have experienced a lasting positive effect from being here. In raising money for Brathay I want them to bring as many young people as possible to Brathay Hall and let them experience this magical, life changing special place.

Brathay has been doing this now for over 70 years and I hope they can continue to do it for many more. If you fancy donating to Brathay or sponsoring my challenge then please visit my just giving site:-

Brathay Marathon Mile 10

I have mixed emotions this year, it’s lovely as always to be back at Brathay Hall meeting old friends and making some new ones but it has also brought back the sadness of failing to complete the event last year which still feels a bit raw with not being able to run, like I have normally been able to do for so many years.

Brathay Jan 2018

It feels very strange being here this year amongst some exceptional endurance runners and not being able to run myself, yet still planning to complete the 10in10 in just 4 months time. It’s going to be a tall order to get myself ready this time and I certainly won’t get the training in that I would normally do but I have a plan which includes some gym work for the first time so if the operation has fully fixed my injury then I’m very hopeful to complete the 10in10 for a 5th time.

My Giant in Ambleside

My Giant Parked In Ambleside


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