Am I Fixed? (Recovery Update Feb 2018)

Blood Axe Challenge 2018 (5)

Blood Axe Challenge 2018, thanks to Andrew Swales for the great photo.

Firstly, just for those reading this who aren’t aware of my left knee situation, back on the 5th December 2017 I had a minor operation on my left knee to trim a torn medial meniscus or for the more straight forward talking amongst us, torn knee cartilage. The operation seems to have gone well, I should know what to expect as I had a similar operation on my right knee only 4 years ago which was very successful.

Two months have now passed, the scars from the operation have healed and the swelling has gone down. I’m well on the road to recovery from the operation and currently following a regime of physio exercises to build up my leg muscles around the knee to hopefully get me ready for when I’m back running.

Most of my knee pain has gone but certain twists and movements are still giving me concern although noticeably improved from before the operation. Week on week the pain is reducing and becoming less frequent. I recall from last time I experienced improvements for 6 months so I have some way to go before I find how my knee will finally settle.

Normally when you get injured you know your body will eventually heal but in this case my cartilage had been torn, would not heal and has had to be trimmed. I’m just living in hope the operation has fixed the problem but appreciate part has been removed and it will never be the same as it was before. I’ll still have to wait for some time longer to finally find out whether it has been completely successful.

I’m sure my knee has improved but I have some doubts in the back of my mind as to whether it will be good enough to run to the level I want and have done for so many years. I’ve only been doing relatively short runs on a treadmill and a few runs outside, which seem ok but I’m worried running much further or on down hills may still cause a similar pain as before the operation and my knee will not perform how it did before the injury.

In the meantime all I can do is wait and do as I’m told by Maria, my physio and hope my surgeon and Maria have both got it right. At the moment I live in the hope I’ll soon be pain free and comfortably running out on the streets, never mind completing a single marathon or possibly 10 at Brathay this May!

Last weekend Yuk-Lam wanted to run the Blood Axe Challenge in York. A 2 hour timed run around a 1000 metre cycle track. I went along and also had a go myself. I wondered if I could manage 16 laps or about 10 miles just to see how fit I was. The track was tarmac and perfectly flat. The weather was bitterly cold with a strong wind which made half of each lap tough going. I got to my goal of 16 laps without any issue from my knee so decided to take it to half marathon distance, 23 laps. All was good with my knee, which was encouraging but obviously this run hadn’t tested it on hilly terrain. I felt very tired, I’ve certainly lost some fitness and even if my knee will cope with the 10in10 then I need to get some fitness back. Yuk-Lam had a good run fitting in 16 laps comfortably in the 2 hour time limit.

I’m trying my best to do as I’m told which I’m mostly managing, while keeping my chin up and my fingers crossed.

Blood Axe Challenge 2018 (2)

Blood Axe Challenge 2018, thanks to Andrew Swales for the another great photo.


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