Gin Pit Marathon Race Report 2018



Well what another whirl wind Gin Pit Marathon weekend we’ve just had! All the plans seems to fall into place, even the weather played ball and we enjoyed mild conditions, with only a light breeze and some nice spells of sunshine. Still it wouldn’t be a Gin Pit event without having a bit of mud and the occasional runner getting a bit lost!

I was once again so impressed by all the runners’ performances, 34 of them completing the double marathon, many of them completing it for the first time! It was also lovely to see many returning, familiar faces and friends.


At the front of the race both days for the second year running was Charlie Sharp ripping up the course and making it look so easy with a sub 3 hour run the first day and only going over 3 hours the seconds day by just over 4 minutes. Giving him a cumulative time of 6 hours 3 minutes 37 seconds. Maybe he will return one day and break the 6 hour barrier. I’m sure someone will do it one day.

For the ladies we had Karen Thompson win day 1 in 4 hours 19 minutes but as a 1 day runner didn’t feature in the double results. Day 2 winner was Colette Flaherty from St Helens in 4 hours 21 minutes 23 seconds and with a 4:25 on day 1 allowed her to claim the double female winner.


From my own running club I want to congratulate Jon Hall on completing his first double marathon and commiserations to Cath and Pete who sadly couldn’t manage all of day 2 but put in so much effort trying.


Now time for me to thank my FANTASTIC band of helpers who without their help I couldn’t pull this all off. Firstly my wife and daughter, Yuk-Lam and Abbey who did a sterling job with registration and Time keeping with help from Sandra and Kevin.

The marshals at the check points were brilliant! And my thanks go to:-

Day 1 there was Kevin, Nicola & Kerry with a few swans, David and Clare and holding up the rear at check point 4 Phil.

Day 2 there was Dawn & Catherine, Matthew, Cath & Terry, Paul, Phil & Gail.

Thanks to Chris for manning registration for the Half and Joan for time keeping the half.

In the kitchen we had Han May and Abbey selling the delicious pasties.

Many thanks to Maria and her team of physios from Stansfield Sports Injury Clinic, headed by Jonathan that came down both days to attend to our runners.

Also many thanks the events official photographer Terry and the unofficial photographers Tom, Phil and Nicki for the many great pictures which were taken and have been kindly shared with all the runners. Also from a personal note I must give Terry a special thank you for videoing the runners through the “Bog of Doom” they made me laugh watching the different routes the runners went to try to minimise how muddy they got. Interesting watching 1 runner actually manage to climb over the fence and run through the adjacent field…could be a disqualifiable offence!

This year the event has raised £1,820.69 for the Brathay Trust, a charity who work with disadvantaged kids and young people and also run Low Bank Ground, the outdoor centre at Coniston in the Lake District on behalf of Wigan Council where several thousand school children go every year.

If you feel you would like to give a donation to help Brathay with their work or sponsor me on my up and coming 10 marathons in 10 days challenge starting on 11th May also to raise money for Brathay then please follow the link below to my JustGiving page.



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