Anguish or Ecstasy?


Holding the coveted stone Trophy in 2015

Over the years I’ve had huge success completing 4 Brathay 10in10s and I’m very proud to have raised over £30,000 for the Brathay Trust. Sadly, last year I failed to complete the 10in10 showing, it isn’t always guaranteed, even for a seasoned 10in10er. I hate failing and I found it immensely frustrating having to pull out on the morning of day 5 through injury.

The rest of 2017 was a poor year for me with less running and slowing times as I battled with my injury, until finally I had an operation in December 2017 on a medial meniscus tear in my left knee.

I entered the 10in10 again for this year and it starts in only 4 days time. I have the opportunity to put last year’s failure behind me and complete a 5th 10in10 which would be fantastic after the last 12 months struggle.

Through January and February I’ve had to rest and recover from the operation and only got back to running in the middle of February. This has meant I’ve had to significantly reduced training time to prepare for this year’s 10in10. I quickly built up my mileage and have completed 6 marathons through March and April. This is much more training in a 12 week window than any running coach or physio would have recommend. Even so not as much as I would have liked in normal preparation for a 10in10. The question is; ”Is it enough?” All I know, hand on heart, is that I couldn’t have done any more sensibly in this short time.

This condensed training has caused plantar fasciitis in my right heel. I have no time to rest and let it subside so I go into the event with it and hope it doesn’t significantly worsen over the 10 days.

I know I have done what I can under the circumstances and realise this year’s 10in10 is going to be an extremely big test. Maybe my biggest test ever. I desperately want to put my failure behind me but I also realise the frightening possibility of failing twice in a row! This would be utterly terrible and some of the time I wish I wasn’t going back so this possibility couldn’t happen.

I feel torn, I can’t leave the event on a fail which makes me so very eager to return. Equally though I’m frightened to death of failing a second time.

What will happen? Well we will all find out over the next 2 weeks.

It’s all or nothing!

All this training and effort put to one side, the other part of this challenge is for me to raise money for the Brathay Trust to help them continue to work with disadvantaged young people and provide wonderful life experiences to school children from across the North West at Wigan Council’s Low Bank Ground outdoor centre near lake Coniston.

If you can help me then please sponsor me at the JustGiving link below:-


Managing the injury Day 4 2017


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