Brathay 10in10, Day 1


Day 1 Start 2018

50 today!

That’s not my age, well not until much later this year but it is the number of official timed laps of Lake Windermere I have now completed. 45 laps during 10in10 events and 5 Asics Windermere marathons.

Since recovering from my knee operation, I’ve managed almost 3 months of training for the Brathay 10in10 but not to the extent I would have liked. I’ve also missed lots of hill work which I couldn’t really do as my knee was still recovering. This meant until I had run Day 1 I wouldn’t know how it would react to the pounding on the many downhill sections on the course. Day 1 was all about taking it easy and testing the knee.

It was good running conditions with cloudy and cool weather with a strong breeze, luckily not too strong to slow my running.

I soon relaxed into an easy steady paced rhythm and simply kept analysing my knee for any signs of a problem. I was so relieved to cover the whole course without any knee incident. This was such a relief and the belief of actually completing this year’s 10in10 could be possible.

I do love this course and as I ran round I took in the natural scenery of the Lakeland hilly landscape and new light green spring foliage. In many places under the tree canopy there are carpets of blue bells and wild garlic emitting it’s beautiful aroma. It was so lovely to be back here again.

I hoped to get under 4 hours so to finish in 3:54:32 and with no knee issues was a great feeling.

On Facebook there is a thing going on where people list their 10 most favourite albums over 10 days then nominate someone else to do the same. Fellow 10in10 friend from 2013 Eleanor has nominated me to do this. But with this event coming up I decided to do this during my 10 daily blog posts.

Number 10

Marillion “Script of a Jester’s Tear”. Fish’s musical vision and song writing might be hard to understand at times even when listened to many times but is powerful and moving. I could pick any of Marillion’s album with Fish singing but this one wins for the most successful “Garden Party” and the powerful, moving “Forgotten Sons” talking about the soldiers in Northern Ireland. Even their album covers were fantastic works of art, can you find the skull in it?



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