Brathay 10in10, Day 2



After a relatively easy running day yesterday I was pleased to be able to enjoy having ache free muscles at the beginning of day 2. I was even more pleased to have no issues with my recovering knee. The weather was absolutely lovely, calm, mild and sunny. This put me in a great mood, so I decided to go for it and just see what my leg muscles had to offer. I strung together a handful of 8 minute miles and to my amazement lead the race for most of the first half! The weather got warmer and I thought it might be a bit too much to keep this up for 26 miles so from mile 14 I consciously slowed the pace. At mile 18 Jonathan caught me up which gave me the impetus to stay with him. Then Richard caught me up. The 3 of us pushed on roughly together, Jonathan finally dropped back and Richard and myself pushed on. As I went through Bowness along the side of the Lake it was lovely to see Yuk-Lam, Abbey and Lucas there in the sunshine waiting for me. Lucas handed me a few pieces of fudge which were thoroughly enjoyed over the next half a mile. I went ahead of Richard on the downhills and Richard would overtake me on the up hills. It was a real yoyo until the end of the race. I eventually finished first but had also started first so when we both dibbed our chips Richard won out of the two of us. Well done to the young man. I finished much faster today than I could have ever expected in 3:39:18 with my family patiently waiting for me at the finish.

Now for my 2nd album choice.

T-Coy “Carino and Singles”. Leader of the band was Mike Pickering who was better known for being in the Manchester band M-People but before that he was a DJ at the famous Hacienda night club in Manchester and T-Coy who made some fantastic underground club sounds. They have been all put together on this album and bring back wonderful memories of late nights in the unique warehouse style night club that was FAC51 the Hacienda. FAC51 was the reference given to the club by Factory records who owned it and I thought it particularly fitting to mention it today on my 51st running round Lake Windermere. It’s even my ring tone on my mobile!



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