Brathay 10in10, Day 3


Day 2 running

After an excellent run yesterday, I soon realised I had taken too much out of the tank for day 3. I wasn’t injured but felt very tired and heavy legged. I took the first half of the run much more cautiously getting to half way in 1 hour 56 minutes. It was another gorgeous day for tourists in the Lake District but a tad warm for running a hilly marathon. The heat was probably at my limit for coping ok. My electrolyte hydration drink from Pura Perform is doing me proud. I’m using about 150mm every 2 miles and this is keeping my hydration and weight very steady.

Third quarter of the course is very hilly and I was joined by Sean and Rexy for a good few miles which was ready good company and helped the miles tick by. There is a hill outside Bowness at the 21.5 mile point where there is a car park, viewing point and often an ice cream van, affectionately us 10in10ers call it Ice Cream Mountain. At this point we split up Sean got ahead and Rexy dropped behind, I think he was doing a Facebook video. I followed Sean and at 22.5 miles go the energy and momentum to catch him up. I kept the moment up and pushed on to the end. I was pleased to dip under 3:50 with 3:49:17 giving me a very pleasing negative split for the run.

It was lovely to have the family waiting for me at the finish out on the sunny lawn of Brathay Hall. Shame it is the last time until next weekend.

Day 2

Day 2 at the finish with Yuk-Lam and Abbey

Today’s album of the day is, Jean-Michael Jarre’s “Oxygene”. The pioneer and king of the synthesiser who has lead electronic music from the start in the 70’s. This album is a classic and shows how Jean-Michelle Jarre was ahead of his time, it was about pollution and his concern about how humans are harming the plant.



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