Brathay 10in10, Day 5 Ladies Day


Day 5 has come to be affectionately known as “Ladies Day”. This started in the early years of the Brathay 10in10 when the male runners kindly let the lady runners set off first. This started to evolve with some of the male runners painting their nails and I’m sure I’ve seen at least one male runners wearing a tutu. Anyhow this further evolved as the physio team started to get involved with the male physios going to a charity shop in Ambleside to buy dresses. This happened again this year and made the physio “Pleasure Dome” very surreal with men in dresses treating crazy warn out runners. Sarah my physio also wanted to get involved and dress like me so I lent her one of my Brathay 10in10 tops. She was a great sport and it was hilarious! One of the other young physio girls drew a beard on her face and donned a suit, is this the start of yet another phase of “Ladies Day”?

Day 5 Physio

Unlike the last few days I actually felt quite good and the cool misty conditions looked perfect for a faster run. I set off with the intention of producing a better time, exactly what I wasn’t sure of but I felt confident and energized. The mist soon lifted but with plenty of shade from the trees it was easy for me to stay cool running down the west side of the lake.

This time last year was a completely different story, I had had to put out at the beginning of this day with a swollen knee as I could hardly walk on it. Today was such a relief and so lovely to be running the steep downhill mile 10 pain free, instead of the hopping agony of 2017.

Coming back up the other side of the lake the sun got stronger and I could feel the heat rising up from the tarmac. By mile 18 and with less shade I was feeling the heat. If it was only one marathon I was doing then I would have pushed on but being only day 5 of 10 I chose to slow down so not to dehydrate too much. I coasted to mile 23 then pushed a bit over the last 3 miles, finishing in 3:52:10. Not quite the time I had originally hoped for but still respectable and most importantly injury free.

Blogging can be hard work!

Blogging can be hard work!

Today’s album of the day is, Howard Jones “Dream into Action”. Fantastic 80’s electronic sounds with some thought provoking lyrics. From his first album up to his much more recent material he has consistently produced some excellent songs with electronic instruments. I’ve enjoyed seeing him several times in concert, especially enjoying the Dream into Action album for over 30 years!

Howard Jones


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