Brathay 10in10, Day 6


After the crazy antics of Ladies day, day 6 seemed a bit flat but it did seem to have created an increased bond between the physios and the runners, which was already strong. I found out during our morning physio session that 7 of the young physio students have been inspired by us to run the main marathon on the last day. I find it amazing how what we do can have such an impact on others and I how we are inspiring others to achieve things in their lives whether it be running a marathon or hopefully other life goals through Brathay’s work.

This morning I felt a kind of inner calmness, knowing half the challenge was complete and I wasn’t suffering with any significant injury. I might have been in relatively good shape but I also didn’t feel the enthusiasm to run a marathon. The race started and I felt a stiffness in my groin and realised I hadn’t walked enough that morning to loosen. So I affectively jogged to Hawkshead to loosen up and with doing so thought I’d lost any sensible chance of sneaking another sub 4 marathon.

I hooked up with Richard near Hawkshead and we kept each other company up to Devil’s Gallop at mile 7 where Richard showed his impressive strength and ran up leaving me in his dust. I thought that was going to be the last I’d see of him for the day and I was indeed proved right once I’d finished. I continued through my favourite quite, leafy green section of the course down to the Swan Hotel at Newby Bridge and simply forgot my time and enjoyed the scenery.

Day 6 Ice Cream Mountain

I did make a mental note of my time at half way at 2 hours 1 minute. I knew I had the capability to still get a sub 4 hour run and gave myself a good taking to, to push myself to work a bit harder second half. The weather was cooler than yesterday, with a broken sunshine. Almost perfect running conditions so I had no excuse for not putting in a half decent shift. I put in a good pace through the hilly section from Fell Foot Park to Bowness. At ice cream mountain were Tim and Mike from the 2017 10in10, it was great to see them and I really appreciated their support on what is a quiet day support wise.

The last 3 mikes are fairly flat compared with the rest of the course and dug in knowing the sub 4 was on the cards. I finished on the lawn in 3 hours 57 minutes 30 seconds.

Today’s album of the day is, Apollo 440 “Electro Glide in Blue”. Apollo 440 had some good underground dance albums. This is one of their later ones and puts together all the best bits they had learned from their previous albums…fantastic!

Apollo 440


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