Brathay 10in10, Day 8

Nice to see Cumbrian Council are painting the signs to match my running out fits.

Nice to see Cumbrian Council are painting the signs to match my running out fits.

Today I’m touched by a Facebook post by my 10in10 room-mate Howard Clark from 2011 so much so I wanted to share it in tonight’s blog:-

“Never really recovered from this Brathay 10 Marathons in 10 Day challenge 7 years ago but it still fills me with pride that I did complete it despite all the niggles and injuries and pain and during my 2-weeks of leave in the middle of an Op Tour.
And its taking place right now with Malcolm Collins running it for the umpteenth time (I’ve lost count and Malcolm Collins has lost his marbles ;-))”

Howard went through a lot of pain in 2011, fought through it and completed the challenge, I have much respect for him and thank him for his kind donation. It’s fantastic to know my room-mate from 7 years ago is still thinking about the 10in10 and wanting to support Brathay. And Howard just so you know, this will be my 5th 10in10 and today was my 57th run round the lake.

Today was another lovely hot sunny day, great for walking but far too hot for running an eighth marathon in as many days.

I’m too tired to write much tonight but needless to say I managed a similar time of 3:46:27 with a 6 minute negative split but since finishing the run I have felt it has taken it’s toll on me. I’m desperately tired, found physio really hard with a few more niggles. I’ve struggled at tea so have had to force some food down. Hopefully an early night’s sleep will help. Sadly it sounds like tomorrow could be even hotter!

I’ve had another good handful of donations today and must say thank you to everyone donating and wishing me well. Only 2 marathons left but I can see they aren’t going to be easy.

It was lovely to see Yuk-Lam, Abbey and Lucas this evening, they are up now for the rest of the weekend. Also want to mention my physio Sarah, she has been struggling after falling yesterday but is still doing a sterling job looking after me.

Today’s album of the day is, Blancmange “Happy Families”. I don’t know where to start, dark, moody, original, brilliant and one of the first pioneers of 80’s electronic music. Still making music and performing today. Love their intimate concerts at the Darwen Library Theatre, home of the lead singer Neil Arthur.



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