Brathay 10in10, Day 7


In previous years this has probably been my least favourite day. At the beginning of day 7, I have run 6 marathons and always feel very tired but still have another 4 marathons to do which is over 100 miles!

This year I wanted to try and have a more positive attitude towards day 7. I started off focused and pushed on immediately and by Hawkhead was in the lead. The children were lined up out at Hawkshead Primary School so I “High Fived” as many as I could. They really enjoy coming out to support us runners, smiling away and eager to get a “High Five”.

Once again the weather helped being sunny and calm. We have been so blessed with good weather this year. 7 days of running and I haven’t yet done one step in the rain, which for the Lake District is totally unbelievable.

I ran the first 10 miles to box 5 in the lead then I saw Jonathan in the distance catching me. He’s younger and faster than me so it was inevitable. We ran pretty much together alternating the lead up to 15 miles where I let him move off ahead.

By the time I got the Bowness and 20 miles, I was tiring from my pace but knew I had already done plenty to produce a good finishing time so slowed slightly, bearing in mind there are still 3 more days to go after today.

Paul Brown caught me at Ice Cream Mountain (mile21.5), that’s fine, he is by far the fastest runner in our group and I’m happy with third place which is what it eventually was when I crossed the finish line. Time today 3:42:10 and very happy with that.

That’s a week of marathons now completed and the left knee is still behaving itself, I’m so relieved. There are no other real injuries either, just my calves which are getting progressively more sore to touch by the day but thankfully they still let me keep running.

I thought the day was going right until I got back to the finish on the lawn to find out my Physio was injured. Some of the physios had gone for a walk up the hill called Loughrigg overlooking Brathay Hall. Sadly Sarah my physio had fallen, cut her knee and hurt her hand. She had to get another physio Hannah to give her a hand looking after me after the run. I hope she feels a bit better tomorrow.

After the run each day I enjoy the soup on offer for my lunch. There are also lots of other things to eat including sandwiches, sausage rolls, chips and fish fingers for the first time this year. I’ve really enjoyed the fish fingers. Fish fingers are like chocolates, one leads to another and another and the next minute I’ve eaten half a dozen! Today I had the delicacy of dipping my fish fingers in my green vegetable soup…..Lovely!!!

Today’s album of the day is, Erasure “Erasure”. Since a teenager I’ve listened and loved Erasure, I’ve lost track of the number of their concerts I’ve been to. I think I have every album and never get bored of listening to their music. This is my favourite album, especially track 5, the atmospheric “Rock me Gently”.



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