Brathay 10in10, Day 9


I felt desperately tired at the end of day 8 and struggled to eat enough at tea time. I the end I took ages to force down just about enough food to hopefully give me enough energy for day 9’s run.

I also suffered with a few little twinges from my left knee at the end of day 8 in exactly where I had the operation back in December. All this made me feel quite apprehensive going into day 9.

Being thee weekend again family had come up to support me, I really welcomed this and saw family including my mum and dad in Bowness and at the finish.

Day 9 mile 25 with Phil

Me and Phil running at mile 25.

Friends Phil and Gail had come up for the day, they were also at Bowness, Phil complete with his SLR camera. Hopefully he’s got a few good snaps. I then sore them again at mile 25, just before coming into Ambleside. Phil had a thoughtfully got me a bottle of water, I didn’t need it so close to the end of the run but I appreciated his effort and it was fun running with Phil for a very short distance, I think it is the fastest I’ve ever see him run, a little under 8 minute mile pace.

It was a very hot sunny day, the hottest so far, when I crossed the finish line I enjoyed a nice lie down on the lawn in the hot sunshine.

Great support from lots of previous 10in10ers and friends out on the course and at the finish, I can feel the build up towards day 10 tomorrow.

The left knee niggle got a bit worse today, hopefully nothing serious, thank fully no other injuries.

Finishing time 3:51:26 which I’m very pleased with considering the heat.

Today’s album of the day is, Moby “Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt”. I love everyone one of his albums, I seem to have grown up and matured with Moby. I’m picking his last album as each album seems to be better than the previous one, I don’t know how he keeps doing it! I’ve also picked this album because of the title, I can relate it to my running and my youth which is sadly getting further and further away.



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